Here you’ll learn about the dangers of distracted driving, and how to avoid it.

Paying full attention behind the wheel is critical for drivers, as soon as you start your vehicle. Good drivers can become dangerous “distracted drivers” if they use a phone, eat, drink or smoke, even around a parking lot. Distracted driving cameras can help companies combat risky driving.

Anything that makes you lose focus on the road for a second — even conversation with others in the vehicle, or a hands-free phone call — counts as distracted driving.

What are the risks of unchecked distracted driving?

Why is it so important to prevent these types of distractions, however small they might seem? In 2018 alone, NHTSA estimated there were 400,000 injuries caused by distracted driving.

NHTSA also estimates that collisions caused by distracted driving costs over tens of billions of dollars a year in damages, for things such as vehicle repair, litigation fees, rising insurance rates and more. As an employer, you may be liable for the negligible driving of on-duty employees.

Distracted driving cameras can be used to help coach drivers, enabling them to identify and reduce risky driver behaviors, including distracted driving.

Here’s how driver coaching and intelligent dash cameras with MV+AI can help:

  • Improve driver behavior

  • Learn from real-world examples of distracted driving

  • Encourage drivers to course correct

  • Reduce the risk of collisions

  • Increase road safety

There are many exciting fleet camera or video solution options out there, from live streaming and on-demand video, to infrared and ADAS. The best-fit camera for your fleet doesn’t need to have all the features — just the ones that meet your specific needs.

Integration with the MyGeotab platform means that companies can manage all fleet cameras from a single cloud dashboard. Through email alerts, containing video footage of risky driving incidents, businesses can use it to work with employees to help boost safe driving habits.