Chevin Announces New Partnership with Geotab Reseller, ADVANTAGE ONE

Chevin strengthens its presence – and enhances its reach – in North America with reputable Geotab reseller, Advantage.

Fitchburg, MA May 20th, 2021: Chevin Fleet Solutions, the leading global provider of smart fleet management software solutions, further cements its position in North America thanks to a new reseller partnership.

The innovative technology expert will work with New Jersey-based reseller, Advantage Asset Tracking, to promote and support the commercial side of its partnership with telematics giant, Geotab.

The mutually beneficial partnership will see a close working relationship between the two companies, sharing not only commercial opportunities for Geotab integrations and fleet management software alike, but industry intelligence, too.

The integration itself has been designed to help mutual clients increase productivity, decrease costs, and improve compliance across all areas of their fleet operation.

Chevin will continue to work directly with Geotab – and its clients – for all technical requirements relating to the integration with its signature fleet management solution, FleetWave.

Speaking on the new partnership, Will Wycks, Senior Vice President of Product & Marketing at Chevin, said:

“Chevin continues to strengthen operations in North America after realizing substantial global business growth last year, and our joint venture with Advantage is expected to boost this even further.

“The new partnership will add significant value for both new and existing clients, primarily by granting access to a goldmine of information about driver behavior and vehicle performance.

“With this level of intelligence at your fingertips, the possibilities really are endless. And we look forward to further developing our professional relationship in the coming months.”

Andrew Kopecki, CEO at Advantage Asset Tracking, said:

“Through the combined power of Chevin and Geotab in the form of a bilateral integration, Advantage Asset Tracking will bring to customers the performance of a fleet management information system that they’ve been asking for.

“With 10+ years of successful Geotab telematics implementation and Chevin’s preferred vendor status, we bring a best-in-class, hands-on level of support that the market has been craving, along with an additional layer of resources for its fleet management efforts.”

About Chevin Fleet Solutions

  • Chevin is the leading global provider of dedicated fleet management software, managing more than 2 million assets across 180 countries.

  • Chevin has pioneered innovation for fleets since 1990. It developed the first web-based fleet system and continues to offer cutting-edge fleet technology.

  • Chevin can tackle even the most complex operations with support for multi-location, multi-currency, multi-level user access, definable workflows and more.

  • Chevin can help you go green by removing paper processes, help you run a more efficient fleet to cut fuel emissions and make data-driven decisions about how best to embrace an alternatively fuelled fleet.

  • Chevin has the latest ISO accreditations for Information Security Management (ISO27001) & Quality Management Systems (ISO9001) standards.

  • When you join Chevin’s global community of fleet professionals, you get to share in the knowledge and expertise of some of the world’s largest and most complex fleets.

  • Chevin is recognized around the world for fleet expertise and has won multiple prestigious awards.

About Advantage Asset Tracking

Advantage Asset Tracking Inc. is an authorized Geotab reseller and asset management consultation group with a robust history of providing telematics and fleet management services and support for public entities. For the past 13 years, Advantage Asset Tracking has supported over 50 cities, municipalities, universities, public utilities, public port entities and law enforcement agencies across North America with the Geotab system. Advantage Asset Tracking is recognized by Geotab as a top tiered Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and is one a small handful of Geotab resellers that are a part of the California, Missouri, and Connecticut Sole-Source Contract programs providing the company with unrivaled experience deploying and supporting large government telematics contracts.

Media Contact:

Sarah Wilkinson – Global Communications Manager



Geotab Keyless: A Best-in-Class Digital Key Solution

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog post on how governments can get more out of their fleets by implementing Geotab’s Keyless solution. Since then we received many questions from customers asking if Geotab Keyless is suitable for other types of fleets, whether for public car sharing, corporate motorpooling, key management automation, or new mobility business models. It’s become obvious that our customers need more advanced ways to control and manage keys.

Before we get into how Geotab Keyless can be of benefit to your fleet business, let’s first cover the basics:

What is Geotab Keyless?

Simply stated, Geotab Keyless is an ultra-flexible, scalable solution for digitized car keys.The Keyless technology allows users to embed the key of a vehicle into a cellular and Bluetooth connected piece of hardware that’s quickly and easily installed into the vehicle with no wire cutting. A driver can then unlock, lock, and enable the starter of the vehicle using an app on their mobile phone or NFC reader for their specified booking time, in or out of cellular coverage.

Keyless Hardware Add-On Connects Easily to the Geotab GO9

The Geotab digital key is based on our IOX architecture. It is a low cost Add-On hardware that plugs into the GO device to provide access and immobilization functions to the vehicle. We call it IOX-KEYLESS.

The IOX-KEYLESS is flexible enough to accommodate a number of different customer requirements, including:

  • immobilization relays that can be used to more deeply secure the vehicle

  • Bluetooth connectivity for access to the vehicle while out of cellular connectivity

The IOX-KEYLESS provides authorized fleet personnel the ability to manage the lock state of the vehicle through the GO device, as well as control the mobilization state of the vehicle over cellular or Bluetooth link, and/or using a IOX-NFCREADERA reader mounted on the windshield.

How Geotab Keyless Works

The system works on practically every modern vehicle and installation is simple. The IOX plugs into the GO device, and the GO device into the OBDII port. Geotab maintains the security of the digital keys throughout its lifecycle. Coupling the lock control functionality provided by IOX-KEYLESS with Geotab’s massive proprietary vehicle diagnostics database creates a secured and reliable shared-mobility solution for commercial fleets.

Changes in mobility have led to a need for new business tools. Digitization of the keyfobs itself is one of these tools. Another is a method for remotely assigning their drivers to their vehicles. In the case of public car sharing, this means one user can book a specific vehicle with some (if minimal) advance notice. For government and corporate motorpooling, this might mean allowing the user to reserve vehicles in the same way they might reserve a meeting room.

For simple key management, a set of drivers could share access to a particular vehicle simultaneously for many months. Geotab decided the best way to serve our customers was to partner with best-in-class software companies to provide market-focused solutions for each of these areas.

Is Geotable Keyless Suitable for Your Business?

The Keyless technology can be integrated into an existing vehicle reservation software with the Geotab API. Geotab is also integrated with industry leading vehicle reservation software partners that users could use.

Typically, only large organizations focused on car sharing would have their own vehicle reservation software where they would use the API to integrate into their software. The good news is that now smaller organizations, or organizations not focused on car sharing, could use one of Advantage’s vehicle reservation software partners who are already familiar with the Geotab API.

The standard usage model would be to use the Keyless and a reservation partner software, along with the main Geotab database, to track and manage a fleet. However, if a user is only interested in the Keyless/vehicle reservation software, Advantage can also offer an API-only plan wherein the user could utilize the Geotab Keyless hardware and Geotab API to integrate with the vehicle reservation partner without the main Geotab fleet management platform.

Ready to try a best-in-class digital car key that provides secured keyless access?

Geotab is currently offering customers free Geotab ProPlus + Keyless service for the first six (6) months with every purchase of a Geotab GO device and IOX-Keyless combo. Promotion ends July 31, 2021. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more here.

How to Pick the Right Transportation Management System (TMS) for Your Fleet Business

Technology has affected everything we do, from how we consume media, to how we purchase and receive goods, to how we stay connected when physically apart. It’s no surprise, then, that a key component of the American economy (the movement of goods, materials and other freight) has also adopted the use of technology to remain competitive, ensure efficiency and increase profits. Today, supply chain companies of all sizes are turning to transportation management systems (TMS) to save money, streamline logistics operations and improve customer satisfaction.

How To Select the Right TMS for You?

Selecting the best TMS for your business does not need to be hard. Basically, you will need to start by analyzing three things: your business operations, your goals and the TMS marketplace. When it comes to your business, examine how your company best operates and how it could most efficiently leverage a transportation management system. Having a complete understanding of how your company runs its logistics operations will give you a solid foundation to work from when selecting the right TMS.

In turn, to better understand your goals you’ll need to take a close look at what type of return on investment (ROI) you expect to see from a TMS. Ask yourself, what’s most important: saving time, saving money or avoiding errors? Once you have a clear picture of how your business best operates and how you’d like to enhance that with a TMS, then you are ready to look at the marketplace to begin to rule out options.

Systems that brand themselves as complete TMS solutions, but are in reality are only rate aggregators may not be able to meet your operational needs and goals. If you are looking for a place to conduct all of your logistics operations, you’ll know right away that a simple solution like a rate aggregator won’t work for your company. Alternatively, you may be able to eliminate other TMS solutions that require you to purchase all available features, even ones you won’t use. These considerations will help you to narrow down the field quickly.

Introducing Rose Rocket TMS for Geotab ELD Users

Geotab ELD users have the advantage of being able to choose TMS options that can be easily integrated. Advantage Asset Tracking is happy to report that Rose Rocket is now integrated with Geotab ELDs to enable real-time track and trace. The Rose Rocket TMS helps manage the unique needs of most of today’s trucking and other supply chain companies with one piece of software that optimizes operations from quote to profit. Rose Rocket allows companies to streamline communications between systems, enhance customer experience with shippers, and keep internal teams organized to improve service performance.

This integration allows Geotab’s GPS data to be mapped to Rose Rocket’s order and manifest data, allowing for three major benefits:

  • Internal team members can now see real-time location data for manifests and orders right from within the TMS, allowing for better planning and faster response times.

  • GPS data is used with geofencing technology to automatically update status on the Order or Manifest.

  • This information can be made available directly to customers, which means fewer phone calls and manual status updates for your team, and higher control and satisfaction for your customers.

This integration is available free of charge for companies with an existing Geotab ELD subscription. If you are a Geotab ELD users looking to (1) centralize and automate your activities, messages and documentations on all orders so no details fall through the cracks; (2) simultaneously plan and dispatch different movements on a single manifest and see status updates for on-the-fly changes; and (3) improve your customers’ experience by offering their own private and secure Shipper Portal to create orders, track shipments, and upload documents, which in turn save you time, then call us today to learn how Rose Rocket can easily integrate with your Geotab software.

Join Us: Leveraging Your Geotab Advantage!

Advantage Asset Tracking and Geotab are pleased to present a new and exciting event: Leveraging Your Geotab Advantage!

On Thursday, May 20, join the Advantage team for an afternoon of entertainment and networking in partnership with Geotab.

Discover Marketplace product updates, learn more about Advantage Asset Tracking, stay connected with Geotab and so much more. Featuring a comedian (yes, you read that right), meet and greets with Geotab Marketplace Partners and more, this event is a one-of-a-kind can’t-miss experience.

Just in case you needed more convincing, we’ll also be holding live giveaways with some very cool prizes after each event session.

Save the date by registering today!…/1FAIpQLSdUcfBMmUw51X…/viewform

5 Reasons Why Rugged Fleets Need GO9 Rugged Tools

We listed five great reasons why you will love this latest GO RUGGED model.

1.Rated IP68 and IP69K for reliability in all types of environments

Without question harsh weather takes a toll on fleet equipment and vehicles. But GO9 RUGGED is ready to take on any weather condition, any day. Feel confident knowing that this telematics device is designed for all elements.

The newly redesigned GO9 RUGGED allows for more robust and flexible installations. GO9 RUGGED is IP68 and IP69K rated. IP68 means that the product is dust-tight and protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water. IP69K means that the product is protected against high pressure water cleaning with water temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius.

A product’s IP Code rating tells you how resistant an enclosure is to the intrusion of dust and liquids. Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the IP code is made up of two numbers, the first relating to solids and the second to water.

2. Real-time GPS tracking

The GO9 RUGGED has advanced GPS tracking technology like the Geotab GO. Know where your offroad equipment is at all times. Check MyGeotab to see the location and trip history. If your connected fleet asset is stolen, GO9 RUGGED can help you recover it.

Getting connected means you also have access to other telematics benefits like tracking idling and fuel use, plus access to engine data and diagnostic trouble codes for maintenance planning, and much more.

3. LTE connectivity

GO9 RUGGED supports communication on the 4G LTE network. Why does this matter? LTE connectivity provides faster speed and greater efficiency for cloud-based management processes. For fleet managers, this means real-time access to your driving and vehicle data and reports, when you need it. This feature is available in select markets.

4. Collision detection and notifications

Do you know if your equipment has been in a crash? With GO9 RUGGED your safety program will be supported with collision detection and notifications and you can set up a rule to trigger when there is a possible collision.

The Collision Reconstruction Add-In for MyGeotab lets you view, analyze and interpret collision data, and it’s free. Know where a collision took place and see the point of impact, as well as RPM and accelerometer graphs.

5. Over-the-air firmware updates

Manual firmware updates are a thing of the past. We deliver firmware updates for the GO9 RUGGED over-the-air. Geotab adds new features and carries out maintenance automatically and securely so you can focus on more important tasks.

See all the features and specs in the GO9 RUGGED Support Document.