Philips Connect EZTrac

Over the course of the last 92 years, Phillips Connect has built strong partnerships with a wide variety of companies including truck and trailer manufacturers, component makers, manufacturers of auxiliary equipment, and many others. There are many advantages to knowing the location of an asset: time saved, reduced unpaid miles (empty miles), increased driver productivity, and decreased operating costs. Which is why we are excited to share this information and special offer.

Phillips Connect EZTrac™ is an asset tracking system for trailers and chassis that’s super easy to install (as seen on the video below), has a user friendly dashboard and highly customizable reporting. A lot of the sensors are going to amplify each other from a management standpoint and anytime you can amplify data you are also amplifying your return on investment. When you have all the data in one place you can monitor the systems to see if they are healthy in ways that are not possible when the sensor was a standalone.

Looking ahead into the future, analytics are going to become more and more a larger part of the heavy duty trucking industry and other verticals alike as the demand to drive change and improve the bottom line for fleets around the world increases.


We are offering EZTrac™ now until the end of the year (2021) with a no contract offer of $95 hardware and $9.95 a month subscription cost. If you’re ready to make a bigger commitment – a 36 month contract will get you free hardware with a $14 a month subscription cost. Contact our team today to learn more or to sign up for this special offer.