A scalable, digital key solution to help protect your assets,
reduce costs and increase utilization. 
Guiding you, step-by-step, on how to best utilize Geotab Keyless and integrate it into your current software or provide you with our own.

A solution for pooled and shared mobility fleets

With Geotab Keyless, you can easily optimize your operations exclusively on the ProPlus + Keyless rate plan.  Work with our knowledgeable team to learn how Geotab Keyless, the most trusted keyless solution available today, can benefit your fleet type.

Featured Industries

Public Car Share

Improve profitability and increase utilization. Deliver a better customer experience.


Test drives have never been this easy. Give your team access to digital keys to create a seamless customer experience.


Improve how your motorpool fleet runs. Right-size your fleet and cut your budget.

Discover the Benefits

Lose the keys for good

Enjoy the convenience of locking and unlocking vehicles through your smartphone, while benefiting from connected vehicle insights. Improve fleet efficiency, optimize resources and more with a best-in-class digital key solution.

Secured keyless access

Lock and unlock your vehicles via Bluetooth® or cellular connection without a physical key. Geotab Keyless helps ensure only authorized users access your vehicles.

Improved utilization

Know where your vehicles are at all times. Take advantage of complete fleet visibility to reduce, repurpose or redistribute assets to increase utilization.


Geotab Keyless is easy to install and supports all vehicles with a keyfob, including electric, hybrid, Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty vehicles.

Protect your assets

Increase fleet security from theft and misuse with remote vehicle management, starter inhibit and more.

Software reservation partners

Build your own software or leverage one of Geotab’s trusted software reservation partners.

Actionable telematics data

Keep your fleet running smoothly with preventative maintenance, collision detection and reconstruction and more.

and Compatibility

  • Fully digitized keys that lock and unlock vehicles over the IOX-Keyless Bluetooth® connection or the GO9 device cellular connection.

  • Robust software ecosystem: Integrations with a variety of best-in-class shared mobility software solutions. Easy to use APIs for quick integration into new systems.

  • Compatible with all vehicle types that have a keyfob.

  • Secured access to vehicles even when parked out of cellular coverage areas using the driver’s cell phone or an NFC tag.

  • Optional hardware relay starter inhibit when vehicle is not in use.

  • Limit vehicle and individual user access to particular days or times of day.

  • Detect breakdowns and plan proactive vehicle maintenance to avoid expensive repair costs.


Geotab Keyless unlocks new benefits for car sharing and motorpools

Discover how Advantage Asset Tracking is able to offer this best-in-class digital key solution to help optimize shared fleets.