GO9+ adds high-speed wireless to its flagship telematics solution to support fleet operations and burgeoning consumer connectivity. The new GO9+ is built upon Geotab’s GO9 device. Released in 2019, this device was designed to help businesses better manage their fleets through improved acceleration tracking, a more accurate GPS and better support for vehicle-generated data and for new vehicle types.

The newly added connectivity of GO9+ will allow businesses full visibility of their vehicles in real-time, as well as offering Wi-Fi connectivity for up to four hours with the ignition off, thereby eliminating wasted fuel and greenhouse gas generated when idling for WiFi access.

The GO9+ is ideal for fleets and vehicles of all classes and duties, including heavy truck fleets, rideshare vehicles, small business fleets, ride-for-hire services, buses and even for use as a single-vehicle mobile office. As with all Geotab devices, it is supported by the MyGeotab platform, which provides managers with centralized access to all connected vehicle data.

Just as the GO9+ is an essential tool for any business operating with vehicles in the field, with the addition of Wi-Fi, GO9+ saves cost by reducing the number of cellular connections in the field while improving access to data options for employees.

  • Field workers can safely receive work orders, email and other correspondence while in the field — without the need to leave their vehicles

  • Ideal solution for ride sharing, buses and limousines to give customers the ability to stream music, work on a project or connect with others effortlessly while they ride to their destination

  • Continuous Wi-Fi signal for up to four hours even when the vehicle is off

  • Long-haul drivers can take advantage of high-speed wireless connectivity while in their truck cabs off hours — without the need to tap personal cellular data plans

  • Ideal for fleets that need to upgrade their devices in advance of the 3G shutdown and subsequent device migration coming in 2022

Here’s Geotab’s CEO, Neil Cawse discussing how the GO9 platform is paving the way for future GO devices.

The GO9+ will first be available in the United States. The telematics solution is expected to roll out in other regions in 2021. For more information on GO9+, visit: https://www.advtracking.net/vehicle-tracking