Geotab’s newest contracts with Sourcewell give government fleets across the U.S. and Canada a streamlined, cost-effective way to add telematics to their operations.

Geotab has recently added contracts to what is becoming a growing list of blanket agreements across North America. These contracts, awarded by Sourcewell and NASPO ValuePoint are significant because they give government agencies across the U.S. and Canada (available through Sourcewell only) easier access to telematics.

The primary benefit of using Sourcewell is to procure telematics solutions without having to go through a time-consuming and expensive RFP process. Avoiding the time-consuming and costly RFP process is perhaps the key benefit for any cooperative purchasing contract.

In fact, the cost benefits of procuring a Geotab device through the Sourcewell or the NASPO ValuePoint contract are hard to beat:

  • No capital expenditures and no lock-in term commitments: There are no up-front costs to procure the Geotab solution, which gives agencies the flexibility to acquire telematics outside of traditional budgeting periods, and avoids lengthy contract periods.

  • Competitive pricing: pricing includes our top-rated ProPlus package, which comes with the features and functions designed to optimize your fleet’s operations.

  • Fixed national discounted pricing and bundle offer: The bundle offer through the Sourcewell or NASPO ValuePoint contract includes a GO device, the ProPlus Plan, harness and installation for one monthly fixed price, allowing for maximum purchase flexibility at a low cost.

  • Get what you want: Flexibility isn’t only in the bundle offer. You can choose to add more products and services that you need — not just what’s available off the shelf. We’re also committed to putting the effort in to make sure that Geotab’s products are readily and easily available at the time of purchase.

Today, one of the biggest threats government fleets face is to their data security. With Geotab, you will be getting not only value but peace of mind as they have established themselves as a leader in securing telematics data in part by meeting the stringent security requirements set forth by the U.S. Federal Government. This means that you can rest easy and trust that your data is safe.

Around the country, governments of all sizes are committing to carbon-reducing sustainable policies. Fleets are often key to these efforts, either by controlling traditional fuel use or by transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), and we are there to support this transition. Utilizing Geotab’s complimentary Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) tool we are able to provide fleet managers with the data they need to understand where it makes sense to go electric and provides insights that help enhance the efficient operation of both ICE and EV fleets in one single platform.

What is available in the contracts?

The telematics solution consists of the easy-to-install GO device powered by MyGeotab. The open API solution includes everything fleets have come to expect from a robust telematics platform, including Active Tracking, geofencing, mapping capabilities, a powerful rules engine, collision reconstruction information and customized reporting.

With the open platform, we can help fleets easily integrate the other solutions into other fleet management platforms to maximize efficiency and operations. As a government fleet manager, you know that your operation has very unique requirements that are distinct from commercial fleets. And because of that, there are solutions that are specific to government fleets, including:

  • Public Works solution, which is designed to help you meet the challenges of varied environments and seasonal conditions, by helping your agency manage vehicles such as salt spreaders, snow plows, street sweepers and waste management vehicles.

  • Camera solutions are becoming a necessary piece of equipment for a growing number of fleets. Forward- and cab-facing cameras, which are equipped with DVR functionality, are designed to monitor driver activity to help keep them safe and secured while on the road — no matter if it is a traffic-clogged urban area or a deserted mountain road.

  • Keyless and Motorpool solution is a scalable, digital key solution designed to help protect your assets, reduce costs and increase utilization for your motor pool.

  • Driver Identification allows you to track who is using the vehicle and when. This feature includes in-cab coaching and text-to-speech capabilities for driver feedback.

  • Extended Coverage, provided by the IOX-SATIRDV2K1, IOX Iridium satellite Add-On, which includes harness and antenna, installation, training and a monthly service plan. With this Add-On and the IRIDIUM Satellite modem, if one of your vehicles travels outside of cellular or network connection, you can continue to track it even if cellular activity is lost.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integration: OEMs are beginning to include embedded telematics devices in their vehicles right on the assembly line. To support fleets wanting to use the OEM embedded solution, Geotab’s OEM telematics solution integrates OEM vehicle and equipment data into MyGeotab to provide a holistic view of fleet data on one easy-to-use platform. This option is available at a monthly rate.


To get all of the benefits of Geotab’s Sourcewell contract, all you need to do is to fill out the online membership application. Your organization may even already be a member, which is checked first thing in the application process.

Once you have qualified, you can contact one of our government fleet specialists for a quote or Schedule a demo now. Our government fleet advisors would be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions.