K245 Camera (Forward / Driver facing)

From device to cloud – Advanced video telematics designed for Telematics Service Providers

Video Telematics

Why now?

Massive tailwinds for adoption of video:

  • Lower camera hardware costs
  • Reduction in the cost of data
  • Benefits beyond exoneration – AI on the edge
  • Fleets understand benefits better and want more than DVR
  • Higher ARPU, better differentiation for TSPs through ADAS and DMS

What does the market need?

  • Affordable DVR, ADAS and DMS solutions for fleets Across enterprise and SMB customers
  • AI on commodity camera/communications hardware The key to ensuring wide penetration of advanced video telematics
  • A broad set of services encapsulating AI on the edge and advanced analytics on the cloud

Fleet Telematics market

  • Move from reactive to preventive real-time coaching with ADAS and DMS
  • Cross-platform and hardware agnostic approach
    • TSPs can target the widest customer base through a single platform
    • Different hardware and service bundles
  • Analytics through REST APIs
    • One set of APIs across multiple solutions – easier maintenance and support
    • Easier for fleets to transition across solutions
  • Differentiated UX
    • TSPs own end-user experience
    • LM provides the APIs to build responsive web applications