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Complete fleet solutions for enterprise-class fleets. We have the know-how you need to navigate through the complex world of fleet management and driver safety solutions.

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Smarter Telematics Driving Better Decisions

All in one advanced video platform to protect your drivers and provide the real time information to keep the fleet moving

AI on road-facing camera

Speed limits

Stop signs


Lane drift

AI on driver-facing camera



Face Recognition

G-sensor triggers




Impacts & Other Anomalies

Positive recognition

Compliance statistics for Speed limits

Stop signs & Tailgating

Protect Your Driver

Safety camera and danger zone alerts to anticipate speed limits and the road geometry ahead for safer driving.

Access HD video remotely from vehicles, settle insurance claims Faster and protect your business against fraud

Detect risks and protect drivers with pre-emptive AI alerts (ADAS & DMS)

Capture event videos to improve driver behaviors

Loop recording (DVR)

Up to 100 hours (with SD card), reduced data upload with Enhanced DVR

Crowdsourced platform

Speed and Stop sign compliance using crowdsourced data

TSP operations support

Data upload and camera mounting stats., and other diagnostic data

Backend and Analytics

Videos, rankings, trends, severity metrics, incident reports, remote DVR